My Birthday

Despite initially not being very excited about this day, it turned around rather quickly. The night prior, I offered to help paint and made no mention that I’d be painting on my birthday….

Good ol’ facebook gave it away and at lunch, I was surprised with a carrot cake! I had planned on just working through lunch but was ever so smoothly swayed to eat lunch with everyone else. And by “smoothly” I mean being told to come eat with everyone else!

I will admit, I was incredibly embarrassed to get recognized for it being my birthday however, I was so grateful. I haven’t been surprised in years so although I was red to the face, I felt warmth in my heart. It was extremely wonderful and gave me hope that a good one must exist….

Some think, ” I can’t believe you offered to help paint on your birthday” but it was so much more than that. I wanted to be surrounded by good people. I wanted even more to help because I am always happiest when I am doing for others. Let’s be real, I am pretty “artsy fartsy” as they say so I can paint a pretty nice edge in a home!

I was able to spend my day listening to music, making painting progress, and talking about everything from my favorite flower to my time in the Army.

I apparently get really into my work because I somehow got paint on my face but, I’m just glad my boobs didn’t smudge the wall!

After leaving painting, I came home to change and found 2 bouquets of flowers! I hadn’t had time to get myself any yet so it was pretty great to walk in and see! My mother-in-law gets us flowers for our birthdays every year and this year the bouquet was perfection! All things orange and my favorite orange lilies! A former neighbor and friend also sent flowers which was unexpected and so heart warming!

Dinner with the family and gifts led to me getting necessities for my vehicle, a new coffee mug, figurine, and my very own set of princess socks picked out by Miss Amelia herself! While the gifts were great, the greatest gifts were the people I was surrounded by from start to finish of my day.

It was a pretty spectacular day that made me look forward to my 32nd year.

I am trusting God’s plan and hoping that maybe for once, we might be on the same page…