How to react?

I’ve found lately and since Josh’s death, that people just simply do not know how to react. Grieving isĀ  such a lonely process and sometimes even I don’t know how to react.

What I do know is that despite my loss, I still want to be included. I am aware that it was always “Josh and Tash”. We were a team and a great pair.

Now it seems there are days that I can see people gathering with friends and making memories based off their facebook posts and it hits me….we weren’t invited. I wasn’t invited. There is still a “we” factor with our daughter but the friends we called friends seem to have forgotten and it’s only been under 6 months.

How do I approach them with this without making them feel bad? In my case, I blog about it….

There are so many emotions that go through my mind in the matter of minutes. In one breath, I’m ok, the next, I am a wreck.

I don’t always know how to react or what exactly I want on an hourly basis but what I do know is that Josh still lives within my heart and just because he is gone, doesn’t mean we can’t talk about him, remember him, and laugh at all the hilarity that was within our relationship. I know that I still want to feel included even if I don’t show up. Each day is different but an invite to at least let me know you haven’t forgotten about us all together would be nice. Invite us even if you don’t think we will come…we might surprise you.

Just remember that we are here. We are hurting but we want to move forward too and get a sense of normalcy. If you would have invited “Josh and Tash” then invite Natasha and Amelia too….