He Called Me Beautiful

Long story short, my friend set me up on a date. I hate to admit it but I really didn’t want to go. After the last relationship failed, (which I haven’t spoken about the how or said how I really feel because quite frankly, I’m better than that and I deserve better too) I was just to a point where I was content with being alone but thought maybe I’d try putting myself out there one last time. Online wasn’t working out though. So, I reluctantly allowed her to exchange our numbers.
I did reply to her “please let me set you two up” with a “fiiiiiine, I’ll go on a date with him for you.” I was told he was nice, smart, handsome, and tall….all of which was true except the last one….same height… maybe.

After numbers were exchanged my impulsiveness got to me and I texted first. Some smart a** comment about how I “never thought I’d let friends set me up yet here I am”….

We went on a date two days later and haven’t stopped talking since.

There is still plenty of learning and growing to be done and we are taking our time.

We both have our quirks and own side of nerdy. We often mean the same things but say it differently. We are willing to talk about the tough things and discuss life on a deeper level. Granted, I seem to do a lot more of the talking but hey, I’m a chatty Kathy and not afraid to speak the truth.

We also share a mutual love for tacos. I’ve waited my whole life for someone to show up at my door with tacos and it finally happened!

Feed me tacos and call me pretty and you’ve pretty much got me; hook, line, and sinker!

The first time he called me beautiful I couldn’t believe it. I couldn’t remember the last time those words had been spoken.

It felt good. Sometimes you meet someone and they can instantly make you feel beautiful but maybe they never say it out loud.
Maybe they think it so often they assume you know.

I’d say to hear it is to believe it but often that belief only lasts a few moments.

However, it’s in those moments that trust, faith and beauty are grown because you actually hear the words. No guessing, No questioning. Just an open door to believing it.

You can say it too much and you can not say it enough but when you use it at the right moments, it speaks power into a woman.

I’m excited to see where this leads but also not getting too over zealous nor diving in feet first. Slow and steady wins the race right?! I guess we shall see.

So much time ahead of us in this ever changing world but we enjoy each others company, conversations, and taco dinners. Plus he called me beautiful, he meant it and I believe him.