Four letter word

I’ve been thinking about four letter words for days now. Not the typical ones that slip out when I stub my toe or forget my kids winter coat at home… don’t worry she wore mine and I went back to get hers but F*** that made me feel terrible!

Back to these words. Words can hold so much meaning. Even if they only have four letters….


All of these words have been swirling around my mind lately as I’ve come face to face with some pretty fantastic opportunities. I have fallen more times than I count but I have also risen. I continue to live, I continue to have hope. Time isn’t promised to anyone so love while you can. It can be scary sometimes but fear only prevents us from living our best life.

Those close to me know my fears, my hopes, and the way in which I choose to live. I have never been afraid to love. In fact, it’s something I am really good at when people are open to being loved. I do fear the fall. I fear falling for someone because sometimes, when we fall, we hit the ground. Sometimes however, we are caught and helped back to our feet. That’s why I hang onto hope that someone will breathe life into me and let me lean on them on hard days. The fear of not being caught should not prevent us from the fall. It’s a chance you have to be willing to take to live and to grow.

If we choose to not give up, we can take it day by day. We don’t have to accomplish everything we want in one day, one week, or even one year. But if we continue to hope, live, grow and love…. we will rise from the ashes that may have otherwise consumed us.

Our energy can be focused in so many different directions so choose the words you follow carefully.

Choose the people you surround yourself with even more care. Only keep those who help you rise. Throw out the rest without fear of judgement. Your life is meant to be lived.

Stay strong but be soft to allow people in. Time will not heal. Pain is very real and it lingers but if you choose to grow through it, life can find so much more meaning.

You’re only given one life. Use it to hope, live, grow, and to love.

Set fear aside, allow yourself to fall and always choose to rise.

One day someone will come along who won’t be bothered by your flaws or weirdness but rather will embrace it and grow with you in this journey of life. They will choose to see your strength and love you through the weak days.

Of all these four letter words; LOVE is the the greatest.