Faith > Fear

Today as I was unpacking an old suitcase I need for my upcoming travels, I found an Anniversary card from Josh. I smiled for a moment and then sobbed. My heart broke all over again as I read his words that referenced our future. If only we had known, maybe we would have lived a little differently or taken more chances together.

What I do know is what we had was impeccable. I wake up everyday still proud to have been you wife! I am still very much angry that I only had you for 7 years. That will never be enough. Ever.  But for whatever reason God decided that was all I get and it makes me angry especially on days like today when I find these cards and think about all of the future that we won’t get to share. You won’t get to witness the birth of your next child or Amelia’s first day of school. You won’t get to see me graduate for the 4th and final time! You won’t be here to hold me when I cry out for you or beg for just one more “I Love you” .

It all hurts. I’m still angry. I’m learning to be happy and I continue to choose joy after the tears have dried.

This Friday I leave for Los Angeles to learn more about a business opportunity I have decided to embark on and the very next day will mark 6 months since I’ve lost you. It will be a weekend filled with emotion as I am nervous for this new endeavor, excited at the opportunity and still missing you.

I’ve tried to learn to move forward because moving on is not an option. I will never get over you but I can strive to make myself happy by allowing myself to take chances and make mistakes. I will learn and I will grow and you will be in my heart every step of the way.

I’ve been dating Joe for about 2 months now and I never saw him coming, well, maybe I saw him walk in but I never thought he’d stay. We talk about you and then we talk about he and I. He’s still standing by me when I break down in tears over you and he helps lift me up on these hard days. It’s hard to think of you without crying  and Joe gets that and he isn’t at all upset about it.

I was terrified to go on a date. I was terrified to start something new in the work world. I was and am terrified of the future but I continue to let my faith be stronger than my fear.

It is scary and painful to move forward without your soulmate but it’s not impossible. It takes courage, strength, and a whole lot of faith.

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  1. Your commitment to your faith is inspirational ❤️ No matter where you go in life I know you will be amazing and continue to breathe life into everyone you meet because you are a bright shining light

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