Blue Rose

As someone who writes often, I can take an ordinary conversation and turn it into inspiration…. the last two days I have struggled to put into words all of the emotions. As many of you know, I am a member of the non-profit Backing the Blue Line. It’s 100% volunteer run. We are there for all occasions, good, bad, sad and otherwise. We are the women behind the badge and hold strong to our values and support of all uniformed officers. Two and half years ago, women came together to spray blue roses and hand them out at Josh’s funeral. Little did they know, those roses have brought us so much peace and gratitude. I had the honor of being apart of that team the last two days. I am in awe of the work and attention to detail that goes into every single rose. It made me appreciate them that much more.

Today, as I stood with my feet planted and knees slightly bent, I gracefully reached out to give a blue rose to two children without their dad and a grieving widow. A simple blue rose to show our support in hopes it will bring some sense of peace in the hardest of times.

I’ve said it before; it’s the little things. The little things become big things after you lose someone. A small rose can bring about so many emotions that remind you to be proud and that you have an Army of women in your peripheral waiting for you should the white flag be drawn.

To my BTBL gals, you are appreciated beyond all measure!

It is never fun being on the receiving end of the roses but what an honor it was to provide that support back.