As big as the universe

The end of August and beginning of September are jam packed. Cole Joshua turns two and Amelia begins school! How can that be? It’s so incredible to watch kids grow and learn! I wish Josh was here to see it in person but I know he is beaming down with pride at all of us.

I am Cole’s favorite aunt and Amelia loves me more than I love her… or so she thinks anyway. Gabriel continues to be along for the ride and he hardly ever cries!

When we begin to talk about school, Amelia is excited. I know she is ready because she is bored at daycare. I am still a bit of a nervous nelly over all of it and I am really hurting knowing that Josh doesn’t get to walk her to class. I just know I am going to encounter dads walking their daughters and as happy as I am to see her begin this new adventure, I am going to be equally heartbroken.

I guess thats just how it goes in this life. Watching her walk down the hall as if she owned the place was quite the sight. She has so much confidence and the sweetest heart.

She is going to move mountains this one. She loves gymnastics, singing, dancing, barbies and the color pink…. yup, despite my greatest efforts, pink is still her favorite color. She is sensitive yet tough and amazingly patient with me unless she’s hungry! Come to think of it, this sounds pretty similar to me! Maybe she does have more of me than I thought! I cannot wait to watch her learn and grow. I am so grateful I get to be her mom!

She is so smart and she has recently started saying I love you more than…. and picking things that are big…

“Mommy, I love you as big as the world!”

She may love me as big as the world but it is so clear that I love her and her brother much much more than that….

“I love you as big as the universe little ones”

As big as the universe.