What a long yet short wait it was… some days it felt like I had been pregnant forever and others I could hardly believe I was already so far along. The IVF process was terrifying and never had I imagined that it would work the first time around. Yet, it did. I did not pay to choose gender because I wanted to give that part to God. Boy am I glad I did …pun intended 😉 Our baby boy Gabriel Michael was born January 3rd. Healthy and happy weighing 8 pounds and 2 ounces. He’s a long little guy too! He looks like his daddy but I have a hunch he just might get my brown eyes… he is absolutely beautiful and overall pretty content.

The first week was a bit rough as he was only happy in my arms but gradually we got away from that and now I get time to put him down and take care of the house or play with Amelia. It’s a new balance as I try to be there for both of them with only one of me.

So far, Amelia is adjusting well. There’s been a few melt downs but nothing outside of her regular amount. She is always looking to help with Gabriel be it holding, feeding, or changing him. I’d say she is quite smitten with him! As am I! Sometimes she just wants to snuggle me so i try to make time and space for that too. Sometimes they each get half my lap, others, I am able to split my time.

Either way, we are making it work and this new single mom of two status is coming together just fine. I know there will be tough days ahead but I can handle it.

I have a huge village of support behind me so should I grow weary, I know I can call out for help.